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MITECH+ partners with expert organizations in the region to help prepare students and maintain America’s economic and educational leadership through the STEM Talent Development. Collaboration between business, education and community partners in the Region create common understanding, a shared vision, and an aligned agenda to form our STEM focused initiatives.

The future of the Great Lakes Bay Region is dependent on a vibrant STEM economy (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). From the garage mechanic to the nuclear scientist STEM has relevance for everyone.  The region has a rich history of success built on innovation, entrepreneurship and economic leadership.  To maintain our edge, globalization requires us to keep pace with advances in education and technology around the world.

MITECH+ works to address the critical needs of the region and is committed to forging business and education partnerships, inspiring students, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and professional development by working with PK-20 educators, industry professionals, community organizations and governmental agencies.

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The Igniting STEM Excellence Business and Education Summit was held this past October 4th, and considered by most standards to have been a huge success. This Summit, powered by MITECH+, attracted over 500 academic and industry leaders to Great Lakes Bay Region to discuss the gap in workforce skill and talent.

The Summit consisted of a full day of speakers, panels and breakout sessions aimed at improving education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Powered by MITECH+ and held at Saginaw Valley State University, it was more than a discussion — it was a call to action.